The Tack Theory

The Tack Theory. Have you heard of it? I have heard it used multiple times now. Essentially, here is what it says:⠀

Let’s say you sit on a chair that has a thumb tack on it. After you sit on the tack, you experience pain! Because of the pain, you take pain medications. Maybe the pain gets better, and maybe it only gets a little better. However, the tack is still stuck in your bottom. You never removed the tack! You just started treating your symptom of pain without removing the cause of the pain. Healing can’t happen fully if you don’t remove the tack!⠀

This relates so well to what we often see in the clinic. People come in having experienced pain, some for a short period and some for many years. Many have had treatments along the way. Some treatments have been medications. Others have tried various forms of therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. ALL of these can be good options for treatments, IF they work to address the root cause. BUT, if they are just treatments to help you “feel better,” then you may not be able to fully heal! You need to have the “tack” taken out! And it may be multiple “tacks.”⠀

We will explore this more in a later post. Until then, are you aware of the “tacks” contributing to you not healing? What are they? (Hint: not all “tacks” are physical.)