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Body Regions We Treat

Fort Worth Physical Therapy believes in a whole body therapy approach, treating both the pain patients are currently experiencing and the root causes of the pain. This mindset, coupled with compassionate care, works to achieve short-term pain relief and long-lasting results.

Our Technology

In addition to having the most talented, caring, & experienced staff in North Texas, we also employ revolutionary equipment to achieve even greater results. Each piece of new technology we incorporate into our programs was chosen carefully to serve patients to the greatest degree possible.

What Patients Have To Say

“I am convinced that what Fort Worth Physical Therapy did for me in just two visits, would have taken months somewhere else.”

– Jill, Fort Worth, Tx.

“Before I decide whether a Patient needs surgery or not, I will send them to Fort Worth Physical Therapy. If they don’t get better there, then I know I need to do something.”

– Orthopedic Surgeon, Fort Worth, Tx.

“The staff at Fort Worth Physical Therapy were knowledgeable and caring. I was facing a long road back to recovery. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

– Janice, Fort Worth, Tx.

“This is a fun and friendly place that promotes a healing environment.”

– Ashley, Aledo, Tx.

“At Fort Worth Physical Therapy, the atmosphere is like being part of a family.”

-Cary, Fort Worth, Tx.