Core Talk: The Essentials

Let’s talk “core.” What is the “core”? Is it only referring to our low back region? What muscles make up the core? Is having a strong core about “6-pack abs”?

The answer is no, it is not about a “6-pack”! Your core is traditionally thought of as your abs, but you have core muscles throughout your body. Your core muscles are the muscles that are usually smaller, and perform more of a stabilizing function.

Examples would be: deep abdominals and low back, rotator cuff (or rotary cup to many😂), and deep neck muscles.

When you are operating at an efficient level, these muscle are designed in a way that they should AUTOMATICALLY fire WHEN they are supposed to fire. The people in the pictures above represent different lifestyles and different stages of life. ALL of them need efficient function of their core muscles.

Research has shown that with injury, inflammation, surgery, poor alignment over periods of time, and lack of movement (immobilization) that these muscles can lose the ability to function in this way. What’s more is they do not always regain this function with time or healing. Often they need specific stimuli to facilitate this function. 

In future posts, we will take different regions of the body and break this concept down. If you understand the potential your body has, you will be more likely to work towards it and achieve more optimal function!