The Invisible Tacks

We have determined that unresolved issues can prevent you from fully healing. It’s important to identify those unresolved issues. We called them “tacks.” Go back and read the last two posts about this here.

In this post, I want to explore other “tacks” that might still be contributing to your ongoing pain. This list is not exhaustive since a post like this can not possibly cover ALL of the details. What it can do is get you thinking and becoming more aware of the possible “Invisible Tacks.”


This can be a BIG one! What we put into us WILL have an effect on us. To put it very simply, some foods will promote inflammation in your body. Other foods can encourage anti-inflammation. This can be explored further with your therapist, and ultimately, a well trained nutritionist. This is worth looking more into. Many patients have benefited from viewing “food as medicine.”


Did you know that our brain rids itself of waste when we are in our deep sleep cycles? When pain (or anything for that matter: stress, work, play, young kids) affects your sleep quality, you are decreasing your body’s ability to heal.


This one often gets misinterpreted as, “It is all in your head.” If you are experiencing pain, you are not making it up. Overwhelming emotions can manifest as musculoskeletal pains. If your symptoms coincide with or came on after a period of increased emotional stress, this is worth considering. It does not mean that you do not have physical issues that need addressing. However, if our goal is to get to the root cause of ongoing symptoms, this can be a part of it.

I hope these “tack” posts have helped bring an awareness of the fact that multiple factors can play into your pain. Let me encourage you if you have persistent pain, and you have “tried” everything, DO NOT GIVE UP. You know your body best and you are your best advocate. Find a practitioner that will listen to your story and help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.