ActivArmor® is a waterproof, 3D printed splint or cast that allows patients to continue with their daily activities while still immobilizing their injury. Each cast or splint is custom-printed to fit a patient specifically, making it more effective while more livable. This product is aligned with FWPT’s mission of providing more effective care that customized to a patient’s unique needs.

ActivArmor™ 3D Printed Casts

While wearing an ActivArmor® cast, a patient can easily return to their normal life while recovering. Unlike traditional casts or splints, the affected limb isn’t rendered unusable for an extended period of time. Put plainly, you can swim and shower without wrapping your injured limb in a plastic bag. ActivArmor® casts can get wet, muddy, and sweaty without it affecting a patient’s recovery.

One of the greatest benefits is that it doesn’t cost more than a traditional cast and is covered by most insurances. While used most often with breaks, ActivArmor® also provides benefits to those suffering from nerve damage, sprains, and chronic conditions like carpal tunnel.


Benefits of ActivArmor™ Include:


  • Totally Waterproof (Swimming, Showering, Chores, etc.)
  • Custom Printed For A Comfortable Fit
  • Injured Area Is Completely Immobilized
  • Covered By Most Insurances