Alter G® Therapy

Fort Worth Physical Therapy is proud to offer Alter G® training for patients undergoing rehabilitation or preventative training. The Alter G® machine is a high-tech, low-impact treadmill that uses precisely-tuned air pressure to reduce the impact of walking or running. It’s unique unweighting technology allows patients to exercise with a full range of motion while their body is still going through normal healing processes.

Alter G® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Training

Unlike any other weight & impact-augmenting pieces of recovery equipment, the Alter G® is remarkably precise, allowing patients to exercise at anywhere between 20 and 100 percent of their body weight. Patients compare it to running on air, and those recovering from serious lower-extremity pain are able to build strength at much earlier stages than ever before. In fact, the comprehensive weight controls give our physical therapists the ability to slowly adjust a patient’s body weight until they say they are pain-free.

Benefits of Alter G® Therapy Include:

Rehabilitating After Lower-Extremity Surgery

Training Through An Injury

Reduced Impact Training & Conditioning

Gait Training For Neurologic Patients

Weight Control & Reduction

Strength & Conditioning For Older Patients