Certified Functional Manual Therapy™ (CFMT)

Becoming a Certified Functional Manual Therapist by the Institute of Physical Art signifies that a therapist is exceptionally adept and has mastered Functional Manual Therapy®. Across the entire world, there are 300 CFMTs and two of them are on staff at Fort Worth Physical Therapy.

What is Functional Movement Therapy?

As defined by the IPA, FMT® is an integrated evaluation and treatment system that promotes optimum human performance by enhancing total body mobility and CoreFirst® postural & movement strategies. The FMT® program promotes a more direct relationship between neuromuscular facilitation, mechanical treatment, and the desired functional outcome.

What is the Benefit to Patients?

Having CFMTs on staff means another step forward towards our goal of treating the whole body. By integrating the neurological side of physical therapy with movement therapy, patients become self-sufficient faster than ever before. As the IPA says, the ultimate goal of Functional Manual Therapy® is to provide patients with the mechanical ability, the neuromuscular tools of strength & endurance, and the bodily awareness to become self-sufficient and more proficient in all areas of human performance.

It’s just another way that we’re treating the person, not the pain.