Functional Gait Analysis

The gait cycle is broken up into multiple phases and can be assessed phase by phase to improve a patient’s gait pattern. Relearning proper gait mechanics soon after an injury is vital for preventing future injuries & abnormalities and returning a patient to normal function.

Functional Gait Analysis Program

Most patients, after suffering a neurologic injury, wish to return to normal walking as soon as responsibly possible. To make that happen, we use tools like live video with slow-motion playback to quickly breakdown abnormalities of gait in order to assess and improve mechanics.

Additionally, we offer suggestions of orthotics, shoewear, and assistive devices to make our patients as safe as possible while ambulating.

Learn more about those services here.

Benefits of Functional Gait Analysis Include:

  • Focus on Mechanics at Each Phase of Gait Cycle
  • Visual Feedback for Patients & Therapists of Progress
  • Increased Functional Strength During Gait
  • Improved Safety at Home and in the Community