Orthotic Fitting & Management

Physical therapy on its own is often not enough to improve gait for patients with neurologic injuries that suffer from drop foot, ankle or knee weakness, or frequent falls. At FWPT, we offer recommendations for bracing that assists the lower leg through the proper gait pattern to improve both safety and quality of life.

Orthotic Fitting & Management for the Non-Amputated Lower Extremity

We have onsite custom casting & molding capabilities and make recommendations based on gait pattern and foot positioning, while also working closely with orthotic providers in the area to provide our patients with braces that can radically improve their gait. Once braces are received, we work with patients on practicing normal gait mechanics and improving safety with their device.

Benefits of Orthotic Fitting & Management Include:

  • Reduced Risk of Falls
  • Improved Mobility at Home and in the Community
  • Return to Normal Gait Pattern
  • Prevention of Compensation Patterns or Future Injuries