Certified Hand Therapy

Whether used to treat chronic pain or in recovery following an injury, hand therapy is a branch of physical & occupational therapy designed specifically to relieve pain and increase function in the hands & fingers, sometimes also including arm ailments. While the core principles of physical therapy are still employed with hand therapy, the hands & fingers provide unique challenges that require equally unique solutions.

What is Hand Therapy?


Compared to other parts of the body treated by physical therapists, the hands & fingers contain an increased number of bones, joints, and nerves, while also being more complex mechanical parts of the body. Coupled with the hands’ & fingers’ importance to a person’s daily function, it’s easy to see why hand therapy stands on its own as a physical therapy specialty.


To that end, we offer a word of warning. Be wary of physical therapy facilities that offer hand therapy without employing certified hand therapy specialists. As we mentioned, these are complex problems that require detailed & specific solution

Our Hand Therapy Approach


Fort Worth Physical Therapy employs some of the most talented, certified hand therapy specialists in the region. Our team has years of experience treating the most complex hand therapy problems with innovative and effective solutions. From minor movement issues up to serious injuries & amputations, FWPT brings together the expertise and equipment necessary to provide relief to patients who didn’t think normal function was possible.


Our team of certified hand specialists takes pride in treating the root causes of pain and poor function, rather than just the symptoms. This results in relief that is far more long-lasting and is highly effective in preventing a recurrent problem. Our advanced, hands-on techniques, programs, and state-of-the-art facility will promote a fast recovery.


Benefits of our hand therapy program include:

  • Increased Strength & Range of Motion
  • Decreased Pain
  • Fast Results & Long-Term Relief