Sports Orthopedics

Sports orthopedics, or orthopedic sports medicine, is a branch of physical therapy focused on treating athletes and pain as a result of or inhibiting sports performance. Treating bones, joints, and soft tissue alike, the techniques employed in sports orthopedics are used to not only help athletes recover from injury or wear & tear, but also help them become even stronger and achieve greater results.

What is Sports Orthopedics?


Sports orthopedics specialists are very often former athletes or extremely active individuals, which adds to their practical knowledge. Like all of our key treatments areas, Fort Worth Physical Therapy works to treat the whole body and root causes of pain, not just the symptoms. Particularly with sports orthopedics, one injury can have a cascading effect across the whole body. Athletes tend to play through pain, compensating with uninjured parts of their body and employing unnatural motion. This is exactly why, at Fort Worth Physical Therapy, we treat the athlete, not the injury.

Adolescent Sports Injuries


While treating sports injuries provides its own set of unique considerations, these are exponentially multiplied when the athlete is an adolescent. When a patient is under roughly 18 years of age, therapists have to account for active growth plates in the bones. In other words, pain, injury, and poor orthopedic treatment can quite literally interfere with body growth.


In addition to having sports orthopedics specialists on staff, FWPT also has a great deal of experience treating adolescents athletes specifically. This combined expertise allows us to treat adolescent athletes with unmatched skill and exceptional results.


A word of warning, be wary of clinics who treat adolescent athletes no different than their adult counterparts or those who lean too heavily on passive treatments like temperature, massage, or electronic stimulation. If overdone, these treatments can inhibit growth plates. Instead, we utilize treatments that increase strength and mobility, including revolutionary techniques like the 830Laser along with plyometrics and functional movements to ensure a fast & safe return to sports.

Treatment For Weekend Warriors


We use the term weekend warriors to refer to adults, typically older than 35, who are still fairly active. Whether riding their bike on weekends, running a few marathons throughout the year, or even being involved in coaching, these active adults are prone to serious aches, pains, and joint issues.


Even though they may not consider themselves athletes, at FWPT, we do. Regardless of their age, we treat their pain the same way we treat that of youth athletes or professional athletes. While traditional physical therapy would largely be focused on reducing pain and restoring normal motion, sports orthopedics brings in the added focus of increasing strength. Through our revolutionary treatment programs, weekend warriors can actually achieve better athletic results than they did a decade earlier in their life.

Running Program


Aches and pains as a result of frequently running is one of the most common ailments that drives patients through our doors. Whether an adolescent, a weekend warrior, or even a professional athlete, our cutting-edge running program could be a great fit for you.


Utilizing a combination of ASTYM therapy and low-impact running on the revolutionary AlterG® treadmill, we treat the root cause of running pain and empower runners to perform even better following treatment. If you’re a runner who is looking to recover from pain, take training more seriously, or both, then we highly recommend our running program.